Liquor St. John

Liquor St. John

When you are in need of liquor in St. John, Starfish Market has an excellent assortment of beverages that will serve the right purpose for you. We have the best wines, beers, and spirits anywhere in the region. We are also the largest store around that works to serve all your liquor needs.

Looking for Liquor in St. John?

A beverage from our catalogue of wines will fit your budget regardless of how much you intend to spend. We have a wide range of wines that our customers can choose from. From as low as $5, you can get a wine bottle that will brighten the moods of your guests. Featured in our wine catalogue we have Astica Malbec and Merlot blend, Banrock Moscato, Astica Semillion, Blackstone Merlot, Bogle Merlot, Cavit Pino Grigio Cline Shiraz, and more, just to name a few.

We have a knowledgeable and highly trained staff that can help you make the best decision when buying your wine from our store serving liquor in St. John. Our personnel will answer any question you may have about the wines on our shelves among other queries. The wide range of options makes the decision process for some shoppers a nightmare, especially those who are new to buying liquor. We will help you understand the different brands and decide on the beverage brand that best fits what you are looking for.

Beer, Wine, and Spirits— Unparalleled Liquor in St. John

Our liquor in St. John store is packed with many beer and spirit brands, catering to a wide range of preferences for our customers. Some of these include Sambuca Romana, Sappora Japanese Beefeater Gin, Captain Morgan, Heineken, J&B Scotch among others.

Whether you are buying just one bottle of beer or purchasing a wide variety of liquor items, we will give you the best options available anywhere in St. John. We have been the store of choice for liquor in St. John of many years. Our brand has become synonymous with high quality in every product and service we offer— beers and spirits are no exception.

Simply by visiting our website and going to the “Order Online” page, you can get your liquor delivered to you in the comfort of your home. You can also make a call to us and we will make your order happen swiftly and without any complications. Call us now at (340) 779-4949 and let us help you get on your way to the best liquor St. John has to offer.